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A Real Binding project

Yes it’s the same tank I shared pattern information yesterday. However, I decided to post my experience on binding here, in the 900CPX Cook book. In case you had no interest in reading about Ottobre Design, let me repeat the … Continue reading

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The Binders: My Opinion

I know before I buy more accessories to fit the adapter or sell the 3 pieces I have (2 binders + adapter) , I need to use my setup with a real project. But my initial reaction is disappointment. Yes disappointment … Continue reading

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The Binders: Testing and Sampling

Probably the post for which you were all waiting.  You really do need to know the other stuff; and while the retail sources didn’t seem to take me all that long, installing the adapter and the first binder was  nearly … Continue reading

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The Binders: Attaching A binder

So at this point I’ve got the Adapter Installed on my cute little 900CPX and it’s time to talk about attaching “The Binder”.  I’m using “A Style” binders, more on that in a near-future post.  Like another blogger, I looked … Continue reading

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The Binders: The Adapter

Kens Sewing Center sells a 1/4″  Type B binder for $149.99 At the Allbrands site is a 7 piece accessory kit for the 900 CPX (10 piece for the 1000CPX) which includes the same tape binder for $399 or you … Continue reading

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The Binders: Retail Sources

I didn’t intend to sit down with my binders until my Cookbook could be filled with all the things I already knew (about my 900CPX).  But I’ve had several inquiries and I do have the bits and pieces needed, so … Continue reading

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