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Belt Loop Folder

.I decided it was past time to be learning how to use this folder.  I must explain. I avoid using these attachments because of previous poor experience.  I’ve never been able to get a narrow hemming foot to work. What … Continue reading

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Janome Adjustable Seam Guide

I’m introducing this tool now because it was essential for my next project. The Adjustable Seam guide is similar to the quilting guide used on most sewing machines.  It consists of two pieces, the foot and the bar. Assemble these … Continue reading

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Bias and Tape Holders

As I struggled with getting to know my binders, I realized (partly from comments left) that I needed to reduce the drag happening to my bindings.   I bought this for $35: It’s sold by SharpSewing on Ebay.  I should … Continue reading

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New Toy Alert: Janome Hemming Guide

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Before I get into the JHG, I’d like to thank everyone for the comments.  I try to reply to all comments. If I missed your’s it’s because I couldn’t figure out whether I’d replied or not.  Using WordPress is … Continue reading

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Hemming Without Expensive Purchased Tools

When I purchased my 900CPX, there were no hemming tools available for it.  I don’t know if Janome is developing tools, adapting tools from other brands  or advertising tools that exist but I didn’t know about. I thought the 900CPX … Continue reading

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I’m contemplating purchasing a table for my 900CPX.  My experience with the binders was that my materials i.e. garment and binding need to be better supported.  They pull away either onto the floor next to me and in front of … Continue reading

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The Clear Foot

I’m writing about the clear foot first because it is the first accessory I purchased. Mine is pictured on your left. I included the picture on the right which shows the foot without the center guide.  I purchased mine from … Continue reading

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