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Circular Lace Insets/Applique

Although it’s been over a year since I posted to this blog, I use my cover stitch machine frequently.  I consider this blog a roaring success because I went from using my cover stitch every 3 or 4 months to … Continue reading

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Lapped Seams

ETA 20171103 to replace Photobucket Hosting. Lapped seams are discussed in nearly every sewing manual and are often mentioned in blog posts.  A search will provide many good examples and instructions. Essentially instead of sewing right sides together or wrong … Continue reading

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Faux Ribbing

I’m adapting this technique from an old Threads article. A quick search shows that the Sewing Divas also made a blog post. In the original Threads article, the author uses various twin needles to create the look of ribbing by … Continue reading

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CS Project: Lined Drapes

I’ve decided to start adding and linking Projects to this blog because most people don’t understand how useful a cover stitch machine can be.  It rather reminds me of when sergers where new.  People put their new in-the-box serger under … Continue reading

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Gathering with Wooly Nylon

Another option for gathering is using Wooly Nylon or other soft stretchy thread/yarn in the lower looper.   Thread the soft yarn through the guides as usual.  I did find that a drop of Frey Check on the thread-end helped … Continue reading

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Uncommon Abbreviations

I use some of the same terms over and over but they aren’t common to the general public and may not be readily understood by every sewist.  I’ve been following common courtesy by spelling out the first instance accompanied with … Continue reading

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Belt Loop Folder

.I decided it was past time to be learning how to use this folder.  I must explain. I avoid using these attachments because of previous poor experience.  I’ve never been able to get a narrow hemming foot to work. What … Continue reading

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