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2340CV Turning Corners

My 2340CV, like each new machine, requires a span of learning. IOW you will be seeing a few posts that duplicate earlier information  but are specific to my learning the 3-needle 2340CV.  This week, I continued to work on removing … Continue reading

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Qualifying my comments

I inspired a number of comments with my post yesterday. Love the comments but feel like maybe I was too negative? I nearly always improve my opinion of anything once I gain greater knowledge of it and in the case … Continue reading

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About the new 2340CV..

…so that happened when I was stitching drapes. I was using the cover stitch make a double row of stitching on all those long seams — side, hem, top channel. Long seams. Forever, long seams. One day, umm evening, I … Continue reading

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Circular Lace Insets/Applique

Although it’s been over a year since I posted to this blog, I use my cover stitch machine frequently.  I consider this blog a roaring success because I went from using my cover stitch every 3 or 4 months to … Continue reading

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Lapped Seams

ETA 20171103 to replace Photobucket Hosting. Lapped seams are discussed in nearly every sewing manual and are often mentioned in blog posts.  A search will provide many good examples and instructions. Essentially instead of sewing right sides together or wrong … Continue reading

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Faux Ribbing

I’m adapting this technique from an old Threads article. A quick search shows that the Sewing Divas also made a blog post. In the original Threads article, the author uses various twin needles to create the look of ribbing by … Continue reading

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CS Project: Lined Drapes

I’ve decided to start adding and linking Projects to this blog because most people don’t understand how useful a cover stitch machine can be.  It rather reminds me of when sergers where new.  People put their new in-the-box serger under … Continue reading

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