I started blogging to share my S.W.A.P. (Sewing With a Plan) progress (hosted at Stitcher’s Guild {SG}) I completed the  S.W.A.P. and realized that I liked writing about my sewing experiences. So much so that I often wrote half page responses at SG. I began to feel guilty about my contributions because SG is a discussion board whereas I was using it as a personal forum to expound upon my experiences and opinions. I resurrected my blog and begin posting in detail on my blog while making shorter comments on the discussion threads.  Eventually my first blog became large and entangled; difficult to find previous posts.  I started creating more blogs with each new blog focused on a particular aspect. This blog is focused on learning and sharing my 900CPX cover stitch machine.   After 6+ decades, sewing still fascinates me because there’s always something else to learn. Join me as learn and please add your knowledge.


2 Responses to About

  1. junglemama says:

    wow, i can’t wait to dive in and test all your options, thank you!
    i do have one that I’ve got my knickers in a twist with, sewing with lycra i.e. if i serge a seam, then want to overstitch in reverse i.e. that the loopy side shows on the outside or that i the coverstitch is over the serged seam and i am using wooly nylon or reg thread in the looper, it constantly breaks ALL the time no matter what setting, and tips, i have done the feed, tensions the pressure button and have spent 2 days and no success!?$&#@ any ideas?

    • sdbev says:

      When I have breaking threads, they are caught on something or the tension is too high. At the SM I’ve also increased needle size. Changing to new needles is always a good idea. Sometimes the needles were fine, but I didn’t have them seated correctly. Stitch length could be a factor. I use 3.5 &04 the most. I sometimes have stitch problems that are solved by adding strips of water soluble stabilizer next to the feed dogs or underneath the foot, sometimes both.

      Good luck.You know a trip to your dealer could be in your future.


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