Circular Lace Insets/Applique

Although it’s been over a year since I posted to this blog, I use my cover stitch machine frequently.  I consider this blog a roaring success because I went from using my cover stitch every 3 or 4 months to nearly every project.  I’ve found it the perfect near-perfect substitute for any twin needle application.  This latest project, the Slinky TRT, produced a new use: applying circular lace inserts.

I love my embroidery machine too.  I started this project with an inspiration or two

hunted through my personal collection of embroidery files until I found elements

that would combine nicely into my desired circular lace patch/applique/inset

Click the pic for more detail on my embroidery process

Once my patches were ready, I set up the cover stitch machine with black serger thread in both needles and the looper.  Thinking it would be easier to go around the curves, I set the stitch length to 2 and differential to 1. No other CS devices are needed i.e. the plate isn’t necessary or anything that fits to it.

I marked both my sleeve and lace with cross hairs using chalk.  I spritzed the back of the lace with a little stencil glue, aligned the cross hairs and hand pressed the lace into place on my sleeve. Although the glue is pretty secure, I slipped a couple of pins in to hold it in place just in case I became a little over zealous and managed to knock things about.

I repeated the alignment process for the other sleeve and went back to the cover stitch. I stitched at the CS aligning my lace edge with the foot edge

This is the first time I’ve used my CS in this fashion and I goofed. I had the right needle dropping just to the outside of the lace. Worked beautifully until I was ready to trim away the fabric beneath when I discovered that not only were the lace appliques secured with only 1 thread, but the edge was bouncing up almost 1/4″.  I didn’t remove the first round of stitching.  Umm, I’m too lazy for that.  I simply stitched around each applique a second  making sure that the right needle dropped inside of the lace. Consequently when looking at the back of the project, there’s a lot of thread.

I didn’t let that slow me down. I separated the applique and the fabric just enough so I could snip the fabric

And then trimmed all the excess

Repeat on 2nd sleeve before finishing the garment.

I was hoping that my lace appliques/patches/inserts would show up a little more than they did

I’m not unhappy but next time I will make the appliques large enough to be easily seen.

There’s a lot of thread on the backside. Partially from CS’ing twice around the applique but also my settings are not optimal. The stitches aren’t as beautifully formed as usual. My fault for not having made a test applique sample.  It’s something I will work on the next time.


What’s in the CookBook

Instruction Page

Need to collect samples next time.

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