Reversed Pintucks

I’m not sure what to call these. I’m using the bottom of the stitch, the part that is normally hidden from view, the reverse side; as my embellishment for Otto 2010/5 Style 10.  I didn’t want the pin tuck to pop as it had when I was making the Pin Tucked T.  I wanted the reverse pin tuck to be very visible, as wide as it could be. I opted for black wooly nylon in the looper (usual serger thread in the needles).  I think I could have gotten a similar look by using double threads in the looper or using a size 12 thread.  I made 6 different tests changing the needle and looper tensions, stitch length and differential setting before I was satisfied with Sample #6.

What would normally be the top (but will not since I’m using the reverse for my public side) is unremarkable upon first view.  The neat thing, which you probably can’t see, is that all the marking is done where and it doesn’t matter if it washes out or not just as long as it can’t be seen on the other side.

I used the clear foot with center guide. I aligned the center guide with my chalk line and stitched without worry.  My fabric is a light weight knit. I’m quite sure that a different fabric would react differently, so I consider my final settings for this fabric as a point to start at with the next fabric.   I numbered my tests as I went along, with 6 being last. Even though you see it at the far left and therefore first


Final settings

  • Needle tensions 2
  • Looper tension 0
  • Stitch Length 2
  • Differential 1


Whats In the CookBook

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3 Responses to Reversed Pintucks

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  2. ellecsews says:

    Oh my! I just found your blog and I have an under utilized 900CPX. I am gonna read everything! Thank you!


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