Janome Adjustable Seam Guide

I’m introducing this tool now because it was essential for my next project.

The Adjustable Seam guide is similar to the quilting guide used on most sewing machines.  It consists of two pieces, the foot and the bar.

Assemble these two pieces by inserting the bar in the hole on the side of the guide

Tighten the top knob slightly,


then insert the bar into the hole on the back of the CPX’s foot

I believe you can mount the guide either through the right or left. Here I have inserted it on the right because I prefer to work with the bulk of my project hanging off on the left instead of jammed up inside the harp.

The lower knob by the fabric guide

adjusts the position of the fabric guide forward and back. So it can stick-out way-in-front or snuggle up right next to the base of the device.

Once the attachment is on the machine, loosen the upper knob to change the fabric guide’s position left or right.

I wish I had this tool at the time I made the Kitchen Curtains. I needed hems 4″ wide. The JHG would only allow for hems up to 1-3/4″.  For my curtains, I was back to using blue tape. Which works, but I like the seam guide better.  The Adjustable Seam Guide has that little lever in front.  I bump my fabric up next to it and maintain a perfect width.  With blue tape, I have another thing to watch that of the fabric not crossing the edge of the blue tape.

I purchased this from Kens Sewing Center for a mere $19.99. (I think I ran the order through Amazon where I qualify for free shipping and don’t have to hunt up my credit card info.)  A pleasant and unexpected benefit of the Janome machine has been accessories that are more reasonably priced if compared with Babylock, Viking or Bernina; and more readily available.  I have to hunt long and hard for accessories for my Viking Designer Ruby and sometimes have to special order.  Same thing goes with the S21 serger and usually the price is 2 or 3 times greater than the cost of the Janome equivalent.


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2 Responses to Janome Adjustable Seam Guide

  1. Useful little gadget. I have a small bar with my Pfaff sewing machine that I was planning on trying on a hem I need to do – if it doesn’t work I will get one of these.

    • sdbev says:

      It probably will work. I didn’t realize there was a hole in the foot of the CPX, until I assembled this guide. Duh. I already had it and might as well use it. I do like that the guide extends as far as it does, even further than the quilters guide for my SM. Also it holds its position securely which my quilters guide does not.


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