Bias and Tape Holders

As I struggled with getting to know my binders, I realized (partly from comments left) that I needed to reduce the drag happening to my bindings.   I bought this for $35:

It’s sold by SharpSewing on Ebay.  I should have looked a little further or waited for comments.  There are other holders available for less and even free ideas such as  one shared by Skye in her comment on 8/12/2013.  To see her ingenious solution you’ll have to go to Flickr:

I did need a little help with assembly. Once done, I have an excellent professional tool that does the job nicely.  The binding feeds from the Bias and Tape Holder into the ribbon guide of the binder and then on into the machine:

The two pictures are out of proportion. The Holder is much larger than shown above.

The front edge of my table is  beveled and would not allow the clamp to attach properly.   I had to situate the Holder on the right, table-edge.



Whats In the CookBook

The Sellers handout concerning the device. On the reverse are the assembly instructions.



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4 Responses to Bias and Tape Holders

  1. That looks useful – but very large. Does it collapse for storage?

    • sdbev says:

      The silver pole is two pieces which screw together. You could unscrew. I may be looking for a plate with a smaller diameter because it is otherwise just fine sitting on the side of my workspace. I also think I paid too much but what is done is done and nobody twisted my arm to purchase this one.

      • Thanks for the detail Bev. We all have things we have bought that were probably a bit overpriced. As long as you get good use from it I find it is best if I forget how much I paid!

      • sdbev says:

        So true. I’ve also had to buy multiple versions of something before I found the one that works. In the end, yes it’s worth the money.


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