What’s in the Cookbook?

Have you notice that the bottom of each posts contains a section called “What’s in the CookBook”?  These are summaries of the pages that I’m placing in the workbook I wrote about in my first and 2nd posts.  I write in a conversational tone but what I need for reference is often much less.  At the bottom of the post, I am sharing what I’m actually putting in my personal workbook. I’m also reminding myself of what is there. I also need this summary page.  I’m just one of those people who needs to review and reference from several different directions.

Page 1: The Users’ Manual and my Receipts.

Page 2 a picture of the Clear foot (with center guide) and the meager instructions which came with it.

Page 3 A copy of Deb Cooks “Lazy Hem” instructions with a sample hem and my chipboard fabric guide.

Page 4 My instructions for Making A Perfect CS Join

Page 5 Deb Cook’s instructions “How to End A CoverStitch

Made 2 notes in her instructions 1) I use a stiletto instead of screw driver 2) Trim all threads when they are pulled forward in Step 5.

Page 6 Picture of the JHG and meager Janome instructions.

Page 7 My abbreviated instructions for using the JHG

Page 8 Sharp Sewing Supplies Catalog and Receipt

Page 9. Abbreviated instructions for installing the adapter plate.

Page 10. Attaching the Binder

Page 11. Deb Cook’s General Binder Set Up Info ”

Page 12 Deb Cooks  “Adjusting A binder

Lots of wonky samples, plus 2 good ones.

Page 17 Misc Folder/Binder Information

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