I’m contemplating purchasing a table for my 900CPX.  My experience with the binders was that my materials i.e. garment and binding need to be better supported.  They pull away either onto the floor next to me and in front of the machine, or through the back and onto the floor. Either way, the drag adversely affects binding and probably has a similar if lessor effect on my other cover stitching.  

Both my serger and sewing machine have huge tables, similar to the Dream World Table:

Sold by KenssewingCenter. I’m real happy with my tables at the SM and serger.  I wanted and purchased a free arm SM. Because of the table, I’ve happily adapted to sewing without the free-arm. The tables can be moved away and the free-arm made available. But the tables are so large I have to take them off and put them into my stash room.  Not a long trip, but it’s quicker and easier to reverse the garment and sew inside out.

I would already own the DreamWorld table for the 900CPX, except for posts on PR that said it was not strong enough for use with the binders.  They said if you planned to use binders, you had to have this the Janome Coverpro Resin Extension :

Also sold at Kens.  I’m not sure why I would pay an additional $30 for a smaller table. Is it really that much of an improvement?  I understand that it “locks” into place because of that little finger extension in the back. But my existing tables are fine. They do wobble away and I push them back into place.  It’s doesn’t happen that often or often enough to be annoying to me. If it did, I’d get out the clear duct tape and fix that problem.

Please, tell me what you think.  Take the poll and add a comment. Especially would love to hear from people who own either table but also feel if you’ve made a decision or contemplating buying a table, you’d have valuable input for me.  I often feel and have actually heard from a few, that comments aren’t made because a person doesn’t want to be subject to ridicule or other forms of on-line nastiness. Rest assured. My blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic so your comment would probably only be read by me. Also it’s my blog and I delete rude comments.  This is a time, I really want need some input.  Which table should I buy, the one I want or the one engineered to work?

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14 Responses to Tables

  1. Debbie Cook says:

    While the Janome table is smaller, it has more space *up front* which is where the binders attach and feed binding in. I have no direct experience with either but I can see why the clear table gets low marks for binding. My BLCS has that in-front-of-needle space already built in, which is more important (IMO) than table surface to the left.

    Also, move the machine itself further back from the edge of your work surface to eliminate the drag of fabric going from edge of machine directly to your lap. Let it rest on your work surface before it hits your lap, and just pay attention to the gravity effect and adjust it as the machine moves the fabric forward. In other words, I wouldn’t necessarily run out and buy either table … until you have given yourself enough time to be “trained” on working with this machine vs. what you’re used to with a conventional sewing machine. They are different beasts and require different methods of fabric handling.

    • sdbev says:

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your tips. I will definitely try pushing the machine further back and see if that helps support the binding. You’re right that the front of the Janome does have enough room to support the binders, unlike your BLCS or the Brother. The adapter plate I have to attach for the generic binders supports the binders.

      • Debbie Cook says:

        Yes, the adapter supports the binders but it has no extra room for the fabric feeding in so it drops right off the edge. I think the Janome table has room in front past the adapter plate.

  2. Veronica Naught says:

    I ended up buying both tables, I bought the janome extension because when I got mine off ebay it came with a couple of free feet, the clear stitch foot and the elastic gathering foot. I didnt pay that much attention to the size of the tabe at that time, I thought it was going to be bigger when I bought it. That will teach me to read better 🙂 but i was to excited about the free feet. Anyway I then found a great deal on ebay for the other table. I bought it too. I have to say that I have used the bigger table more often. So there is my 2 cents worth. You might want to think about your other two tables do you use those a lot or just now and then, that might help you decide on this one.

    • sdbev says:

      I use my clear tables nearly all the time. I move the table away from the SM when I add the embroidery arm. The table at the serger, is never removed. The table is invaluable for free motion work, of course, but I also feel like the extra support my garments get during sewing. Deb Cook thinks I need the Janome table to support the binders. I’m not so sure since the adapter does that and it seems pretty secure. Thanks for your sharing your experience. I definitely will keep your thoughts in mind when I make my purchase.

      • Debbie Cook says:

        No, not to support the binders. The adapter plate does that. To support the fabric instead of it just dropping off the edge.

      • sdbev says:

        Duh, it was a blond moment. Now I understand. I’ve had a chance to try binding with the CS pushed back on the table. Guess what? It works a whole lot better. Just like you said.

  3. Maureen says:

    I don’t have a table, it doesn’t seem to cause any difficulty, but I do push my cs away from the front. I also have the feeder contraption I posted about earlier to the side.

    • sdbev says:

      I love your feeder contraption. It’s a really great idea. I’m used to working with the tables on my other machines. I feel cramped for operating room. I will make the effort to push the CS back on the table and see if that helps. Thanks for sharing your experience, it really does help.

  4. lyn says:

    I don’t have a table either.I think Debbie is right adout pushing the machine back.I seem to
    have enough space in front of machine and at the side to support my fabric.
    Best of luck Lyn

  5. BessieC says:

    Hi, I just found your blog on the coverpro…can’t wait to read more about your experiences. Did you look at any info on-line about homemade tables? And do you have someone who is “handy” who might make you a table? I recall seeing some contraptions that looked really sturdy and not that hard to put together if you/someone can handle a saw and a screwdriver. (Sorry, I don’t recall the links…) I have a Janome resin table that I’m not currently using…I’d be happy to loan it to you (I’m not using it right now, long story.) I’m not sure you want to spring for the postage to ship it, however.

    • sdbev says:

      That’s so thoughtful. Thank you, but I’m finding the others are right about pushing the CS back on the table. At the moment, I’m seriously reconsidering the need for a table. I’d rather buy more binders and other gadgets. I did see some posts on the home made tables. I already have DH involved in 3 unfinished projects and don’t want to start him on another. But that was a good thought and a really nice gesture. My post shouldn’t be so frequent, but I will be doing and sharing more. Thanks for reading and posting.

  6. Sharon says:

    I purchased the Janome extension table and do use it when hemming (all that I do at present).


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