The Binders: Retail Sources

I didn’t intend to sit down with my binders until my Cookbook could be filled with all the things I already knew (about my 900CPX).  But I’ve had several inquiries and I do have the bits and pieces needed, so I sat down yesterday and endured 6 hours of frustration getting my generic adapter and binders to work. Yes, they work.  I have much to say about them. Where to buy them. How to install. My process learning how they work. And finally How I think I might use them.  I’m going to provide a source  but I urge you to look only. Wait to buy until I’ve finished my posts.  Knowing what I know this morning, I would not have invested the $130.

I found this buyer either through the PR posts (which I can’t link to) or Deb Cook at Stitches and Seams (I’m not sure exactly which post it is in and therefore am providing the general link to her All the Stuff page).  I seem to remember someone writing that the seller is brief with communication but excellent with shipping. That was my experience too.  I purchased from Sharp Sewing Supplies, Ebay seller sharpsewing. When permitted, I purchase on Ebay using the “Buy It Now” Option.  I received an invoice promptly which I paid immediately. My package arrived later the same week.  As I recall, I had purchased on a week-end and had my goodies by Thursday.  Coming from Los Angeles, Ca, I thought that more than reasonable. I usually allow 2 weeks (10 working days) for things to arrive out here in the cow patties. I purchased 3 items: the adapter for the 900CPX ; 1-3/4″ A type binder and 1-1/4″ A type binder. Enclosed were my receipt, sparse instructions for installation and use,  and a 2 page catalog of items available especially for the Janome Cover Pro machines.

Beyond this purchase, I have no associate with this merchant. Beyond the invoice, I never had any communication with the merchant. That’s not a complaint. At times, I much prefer the brevity. It was  a straight forward business transactions. As sewists, we sometimes look for friendlier interactions, a little more chit-chat. But I keep in mind that he seems to sell only on Ebay and that marketplace has a lot of restrictions.  He actually has to be very careful not to violate any of Ebay’s rules.  So I’m a satisfied customer but can’t do anything for you beyond providing the link.

Someone specifically noted they were reluctant to purchase items stated to work with both models. The chassis of the 900 and 1000 are essentially alike.  There is an additional thread path and needle most of which is all part of the exterior case. The binders and adapter and other accessories Sharp Sewing is offering will work because they do not directly interact with the needles. The serve as guides for the fabric, folding and directing the fabric into the needle stitching path.  They replace time you spend at the ironing board pre-folding fabric and your fingers in front of the machine. At the least, they provide a third hand (sometimes i wanted a fourth accompanied by a 2nd pair of eyes).  So they can work with both machines. My personal experience is they do work with the 900CPX.  If you really want the binders also called folders, and have a 1000CPX, I’d say buy these.

On Ebay, I also saw the Allbrands and SewVacDirect were selling a 1/2″ binder (50mm X 15 mm). I did not check their sites. I’ve had good luck with Allbrands. I’ve not had any experience with SewVacDirect. I’m pretty sure, if these two merchants have a newly adapted binder for sale, KensSewingcenter will have it soon. But again, I did not check any of the sites.


Whats In the CookBook

Page 8 Sharp Sewing Supplies Catalog and Receipt

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